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Woodford Youth Soccer




Click the link below!!!
DEADLINE IS Jan 15,2017.
Need help registering?
You can call 1-855-259-3466
Office hours for Registration
Jan 7th, 10am-2pm
Jan 14th, 10am-2pm
You can pay here by cash, check, or credit card.


This may look incorrect -but the age groups are based on how old the player is at the end of the season (Spring 2017).


 19 & Under -Jan 1, 1998 thru Dec 31, 2000 (Spring only) -$125

16 & Under - Jan 1, 2001 thru Dec 31, 2002 (Spring only)-$125

14 & Under - Jan 1, 2003 thru Dec 31, 2004 -$125
12 & Under - Jan 1, 2005 thru Dec 31, 2006 $125
10 & Under - Jan 1, 2007 thru Dec 31, 2008 - $100
8 & Under -   Jan 1, 2009 thru Dec 31, 2010 -$75
6 & Under -   Jan 1, 2011 thru Dec 31, 2012 -$45
4 & Under  -  Jan 1, 2013 thru Dec 31, 2014 -$45

The number of players on the field changes in 10U and 12U.

(Both increase by 1).
The non-volunteer policy changes somewhat.
If you choose NOT to volunteer, you will be charged an additional $50/player.
If you choose to volunteer  - there will only be two categories.
  • Coach (if not selected to coach -you will be moved to Other)
  • Other - you will be assigned a task where WYSA needs your help. Most of you will be assigned to line a field.

If you choose to volunteer, this one volunteer tasks covers all your players for the season in which you register.



Play with a Friend is open for 4U, 6U, and 8U ONLY.
You must fill out the Friends form, available in About Us, and Downloads.


Important dates:

  • Jan 15 - Deadline for registration.
  • Season starts Mar 18th.






**Adult league Registration is now open. See WYSA Adult tab above



    Field Closing Decisions

    Field closing decisions are made by: 2pm on Mon-Fri, 8am on Sat, and Noon on Sunday. 
    Many times the weather will change AFTER this decision is made. 
    We will announce field closings using our Rained out Texting system. 
    We will only close the fields if they are unsafe due to water. 
    ALL WYSA & BSC players/coaches/staff should be abiding by our rules on Lightning and Thunder.

    Text wysasoccer to 84483
    to sign up for texts on field closing .