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"How To Re-schedule a WYSA Recreational Game”  
by WYSA League Commissioner

WYSA faces the challenge each season to make a schedule that will get all our games in, allow for referee scheduling, and allow room for parking at our facility.   However, we also recognize that there will be certain unforeseen situations in which scheduled games cannot be played.

Should you have such a situation, we have devised a policy on the re-schedule of games.

  1. The request should be based on circumstances so great that the game cannot be played. (Not the absence of your best player (s), but my ENTIRE team is going to Space Camp!)
  2. The request should be in writing, and signed off on by BOTH coaches involved.
  3. The request should be in the hands of the league commissioner NO LESS than two weeks prior to the original scheduled game.
  4. State the date, time, age group, and teams affected for the original game.
  5. State the reason for the schedule change request.
  6. Give an alternate suggested date of the re-schedule (agreed upon by both coaches).

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