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Woodford Youth Soccer

Registration is now CLOSED for Spring 18.

We anticipate games to begin on/about the weekend of March 17, however teams in the U12/14/16/19 division may have different start dates.


We plan on each team playing approx. 8 games (depends of number of teams).


At this time, we plan on having the concession stand open – for Saturday morning games.

Parents can get coffee for those early morning games, and Teams (with advance notice) can get their team snacks – all from the concession stand.

Additionally, this means the restrooms will be open –during the hours the concession stand is open.

There will be no games schedule on the following dates:

March 31

April 1

April 7

April 8

Coaches meetings all held on Sat Feb 17th

9am -U4 and U6 divisions

10am - U8 Division

U10/12/14/16/19 - 11am

Registration fees:

4U/6U Divisions -$55

8U Division - $85

10U Division - $110

12U/14U/U16/U19 Division - $135



Early bird registration until Feb 1.

Late fee of $50  is added after Feb 1, and there is no guarantee of being placed, or returning to your fall team.

Registration closes on Feb 15..


Register here:


There are a few differences, but the registration program remains the same.

Teams are already loaded in the system. 


  • If you played in Fall 17, you can register and place yourself on your Fall team.
  1. If you DID NOT play in Fall 17 at WYSA, you merely register for our CLUB, and you will be randomly assigned.
  2. If you submitted, and were approved for, Play with Friends form in Fall 17, it will be honored in Spring 18 (see #1).
  3. You can submit a Play with Friends form for Spring 18, but it may only include players who DID NOT play in Fall 17, and must include a willing coach’s name.
  4. Registration is open until Feb 1, 2018. You may still register after Feb 1, however there is a $50 late fee. You will not be guaranteed to return to your Fall 17 team with late registration.
For the U16 and U19 age groups, you must register online AND drop off a check/money order for your order to be registered. Registrations without payment will not be considered.Should we not have enough players, your check/money order will be returned.

This may look incorrect -but the age groups are based on how old the player is at the end of the season (Spring 2018).


14 & Under - Jan 1, 2004 thru Dec 31, 2005 -$135
12 & Under - Jan 1, 2006 thru Dec 31, 2007 - $135
10 & Under - Jan 1, 2008 thru Dec 31, 2009- $110
8 & Under -   Jan 1, 2010 thru Dec 31, 2011 -$85
6 & Under -   Jan 1, 2012 thru Dec 31, 2013 -$55
4 & Under  -  Jan 1, 2014 thru Dec 31, 2015 -$55





    Field Closing Decisions

    Field closing decisions are made by: 2pm on Mon-Fri, 8am on Sat, and Noon on Sunday. 
    Many times the weather will change AFTER this decision is made. 
    We will announce field closings using our Rained out Texting system. 
    We will only close the fields if they are unsafe due to water. 
    ALL WYSA & BSC players/coaches/staff should be abiding by our rules on Lightning and Thunder.

    Text wysasoccer to 84483
    to sign up for texts on field closing .